Roadtrips and Why I Love Them

I just came back from my biggest and the crazest roadtrip ever. Me and my bf drove about 6000 km`s from the Australias West coast to East. It was an adventure for a lifetime and during this time I realised why i love roadtrips. 

1. Freedom 

I love the sense of freedom that the roadtrips give us. You can choose when you leave, where you go, where you stop etc. You can stop whenever something catches your eye, because you are on your own time while you are on a roadtrip. 

2. Playlist

I love creating my own playlist and always listen to my own music when I am driving with my car. Roadtrips are even more special, I can create the whole playlist of my old and new favourites. Also, it is so fun to travel with people that I can have sing-alongs with. 

3. Clear Your Mind 

Roadtrips are my favourite time to think, especially if I`m driving alone. As soon as I hit the road, all my worries and stress situations seem to fade away. I just love the feeling of being completely free and seeing the changing surroundings around me. 

4. Boning

Being in a car with someone always creates some kind of bond between me and the other person, where we can make memories. It also presents a great opportunity to catch up with the loved ones, relive old memories and create new ones. 

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  1. I agree with you
    road trips are healers
    Have a good day 💋

  2. I love road trips! It's one thing to make a planned trip to get from Point A to Point B. You're pretty much on a schedule and you don't often make time to stop at all of the "alligator and snake farms" (do you guys have those there? They're businesses where they have these creatures in huge glass terrariums or outdoor pond areas so you can get up close and personal without being actually killed - it's a thrill for some reason) and little novelty shops and sightseeing spots. A road trip is more for taking a trip just so you can do all of those ridiculous things and follow the road signs to see what's at the end. I love to put a story or podcast on and just enjoy the time. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time. That was a nice long drive! Did you run into any of the wildfire areas on your travels? Such horrible destruction we're seeing on the news and our thoughts and prayers are with Australia.


    1. Thank You so much Ruth, I agree that road trips are great. Unfortunately we didn`t go to alligator and snake farms this time. I know tht the situation is crazy at the moment in Australia, luckily we didn´t see the fire, but we saw the smoke and Sydney and Canberra were both filled with smoke. It`s so sad that is happening here atm...

  3. I love road trips too, especially with my closest friends. The journey is really a great way to bond and make lasting memories.
    Jessica |

  4. What a nice experience! I think roadtrips are underrated, what you describe is certainly perfection.


  5. Could you be any more beautiful? Road trips are indeed SO FUN!
    Happy Thursday, babe!
    xoxo, Vanessa

    1. Thank You so much! I totally agree with you, road trips are good!

  6. Awww lovely post! Road trips are indeed a greeeat opportunity to discover, re-discover and enjoy music!
    Bonding is good too, especially when we sleep on each other's shoulders :)

  7. It is really understandable why you love roadtrips!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  8. I tried this several years ago and had a terrible time with getting all of it to be straight. I eventually made some shorter, some longer and used that layout.

  9. I love road trips too I agree with you in everything great shots babe xoxo Cris


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