White Jumpsuit

Hello everyone! Let`s talk about jumpsuits today, especially the white ones. There is just something that makes me feel fefreshed and revieved about wearing white. I love the simplicity and the pure beauty of white.

Jumpsuits a definitely a statement style. Like dresses, jumpsuits come in many styles, so part of pilling off the perfect look is all about finding the right jumpsuit for you. When you are looking for a jumpsuit consider your needs, are you looking a casual one to wear during the day or something more formal for an evening look? I choose mine for it`s comfort. I knew that I have to travel a lot and this white one from New Yorker is perfect for crazy hikes and adventures.

Anyways, a white jumpsuit is so simple and versatile that every girl needs one, or few in her wardrobe. Don`t you agree with me?

jumpsuit - New Yorker 

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  1. It's so cute and breezy! Also, what a beautiful view you got there dear.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  2. love this :)

  3. What an amazing view! great white jumpsuit too, it looks so cute on you :)

    Hope that you're having a great week :) I spent the day out with my mum today :)

    Away From Blue | Handbag Gift Guide

    1. Thank You so much dear and Happy New Year!

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  6. Such a cute outfit!
    xx- Nina

  7. Nossa que artigo fantástico, por isso que estou quase todos os dias visitando e lendo seus artigos. Porque sempre tem conteúdos interessantes e de qualidade.

    Beijos 😘 !!

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