Living a Stress-Free Life

A little stress is good I know, and living a 100% stress-free life is impossibe to all of us. But giving into much stress will just lead to an cyrcle of negativity, unhappiness and anxiety. I used to stress out and panic about everything. I know that it was mostly because of overthinking and having unhealthy habits. That`s why I want to share with you some habits that had helped me to live almost a stress-free life. 

1. Handeling One Thing At The Time 

Time management is the key for me to maintain a feasible schedule. Leaving everything to a last minute is the worst thing ever. So tackleing everything as it comes, and breaking up my to do list into reasonable chunks that I can manage everyday. Time management for sure increases my productivity and reduces panic and stress. 

2. A Positive Mindset

This is probably the most important tip of all. Being positive and thinking positive thoughts can make such a difference to a stress levels. I have learned that adopting a can-do attitude makes me feel that nothing can stop me. And it`s also true that just 5-minutes of self-reflection can give the boost necessary to carry on and seize the day.

3. Staying Active

Staying active is so imortant to having a stress-free life. Just a little exercise like a 10-minute walk during lunch time or using the stairs instread of elevator - there are o many things we can do to be active. Also, not only will it make us feel more self-confident and energised, staying active stimulates the production of "feel-good" hormones that supports a healthy mindset. 

4. Eating Healthy

Food is a strongly linked to mood. The important thing is to lower coristol and lower stress levels through diet. So, consuming a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, whole-grain foods and protein is the key righ here. But remember, don`t go too crazy with your diet. A healthy balanced diet does not have to be restrictive. Enjoying a cupcake, a burger etc. once in a while will not make you feel bad. 

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  2. Gorgeous tips, thank you for sharing them :)

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  3. A positive mindset is everything. Thanks for the beautiful read dear!

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    1. Totally agree with you! Thanks, I`m glad you like it!

  4. Loved the tips, hope you have a nice week <3


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