Why We Should Stop Caring About What Other People Think

For a long time I have been thinking a lot about what society does to us. We wonder about a hundred of things every day that we shouldn`t have to think about. What are they thinking about me? How does my life look to others etc...? It`s an array of a self doubt that affects us daily. Just imagine how free we would be if we would let go of all of those thoughts and just stopped caring. Here are 5 tips that helped me to break the stale cycle and helped me live at my own pace. 

1. Life doesen`t have to follow a certain timeline 
There are so many pressures from society what we should overcome at a certain age. We tend to believe that we have to own particular things or behave in a certain way for the society to accept us. We have been told since we were kids that when we grow up we should graduate high school, go to college, get a degree, get a good job, get married and have children and then retire. And the same timeline continues on our own children Why? Why do we have to follow a certain timeline for society to accept us? I wish that the society around us would change a little, because whatever you decide to do in the end is your own business, because in the end whatever happens affects you and only you. 

2. Get to know your true self
Have you ever wondered how many of us really know themselves? Do you even know? What do you really like? What do you really want from life? Are you making these choices in life about career, ralationships etc. because you want them or because you want to impress someone. Stop for a minute and think. Allow yourself to try new things that you have always wanted to do and don`t be afraid about being judged. Enjoy yourself and do what you really love!

3. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and accept a helping hand 
Sometimes we need to go against the grain, speak out what we want, take a risk or face a disapproval. The life wouldn`t be interesting if we would always been playing it safe. Decide what matters to you and trust yourself and if you fail, then remember that we grow by failing. We learn and we now how to act in the similar situations. Also if you fail, then allow yourself to reach out for the help and care you need instead of letting yourself to suffer.

4. Find out who you need in your life
Find your own tribe. There are definitely people around you who appreciate you for who you are. No judgements, no bad comments. Let go of the peple who make you feel not yourself, don`t waste your time hanging on those who excpect you to conform to their wihes and wants.  Surround yourself with those who you really enjoy being with.

5. Live your own life
Be your own friend, learn to love yourself and the life you are living. Stand up for what yourself, do the things that you love, be happy. Live your life at your own pace and terms. You don`t always have to do the things that the society tells you to do. You can live and try the things that you, and only you want. 

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  1. I totally agree with your post, you gives really true headings, thanks for sharing this informative post.
    xo Corina

  2. This is such a powerful read dear. I couldn't agree more, especially on number 5. You do you. That's one definition of success - to be able to live your own life, on your own way.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  3. YESSSS!! Love this post babe! I used to care so much but now I realise that it really does not matter


    Ellie xx

  4. A great post! <3
    I am following you and invite you to me

  5. Just loved here! Can you follow me? I'll follow u as well!

  6. I think when one begins to live their own life and understand that there isn't really a timeline or checklist to life, everything just falls into place.

    Have a wonderful thanksgiving weekend.

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  7. I couldn't agree more with your points! Thanks for the inspiration.


  8. This is the most obvious benefit: life is better when you’re not so concerned about how other people will view you for your actions, choices, and decisions. There’s great freedom from doing what makes you happy; being authentically yourself. Whether this is something as simple as how you dress, the career path you choose, or anything else. When you’re true to yourself and don’t allow the assumed thoughts of others dictate your choices, life possibilities expand, and your joy increases. Im an avid follower and as usual love your post. Keep blogging as Im here to support!

  9. Thanks much for this awesome guide. It helped me a lot!

  10. Insane post. Wish I could bookmark it twice Definitely something worth a share. Thank so much!

  11. Very inspiring! How do you always come up with such amazing post?

  12. Love your blog. One should learn this mantra: "What other people think about me is none of my business!"

  13. never gonna get tired from the posts you are publishing! Keep on rockin’!

  14. Wonderful post! AMAZING is an understatement

  15. Thanking you will not be enough. This is really good. You are just exceptional!

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  17. You inspired me in many ways. Thank you for sharing this.


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