I am the Ocean I am the sea...

I am the ocean, I am the sea. There is a world inside of me...

Sea is my element. I have always loved being by the sea, it makes me so calm, so relaxed and makesme forget about the everyday problems. I love swimming towards the sea where I all I can see is the water around me. It`s the place where I can be free. I let the sea carry me and it´s something special. Śomething magical, therapeudic and absolutely beautiful.

Also the views and the sunsets/sunrises it gives. They are the best. I can rush by the sea and sit there for hours just doing nothing. Just sitting there and admiriińg this view makes me feel good.It relaxes me and after being by the sea, I feel better,my head is more cleas, I don`t have any bad thoughts etc. 
What is hout happy place? Do you also love going by the sea?

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  1. Honestly speaking, i just love the sea, sea sbeach & i think you also like sea . Frankly speaking the pictures you have captured is your most favourite pictures ever. After all, i just say this should be the world's best photo, it's totally my mind says.


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