Fsj Shoes

Shoes shoes shoes, we can`t live without them! A few days ago I found this awesome shoe web store called Fsj Shoes. They have a wide selection shoes for every style. Here are my  favourites and I think that these shoes should be in every women`s wardrobe. Check out their site HERE (click)!

Blush Pointed Toe Suede Chunky Heels Pumps 

                                 See also other suede heels (click)

Black Suede Shoes Stiletto Heel Pointy Toe Pumps with Tassels

Check out other black suede heels (click)

Check out other nude suede heels (click)

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  1. I love the nude/skintone colored shoes! It's so elegant. Great blog! Please keep sharing more of these to us!

  2. black look expensive

  3. I like the black one. Looks so sexy.

  4. Nice shoes!..I like that blush pointed toe suede chunky heels. Looks so elegant.

  5. Lovely shoes!All are nice and looks elegant.

  6. Stunning shoes..I like the black one as always its perfect whatever outfit goes with it.

  7. Great share!Nude and black will always be my fav.


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