Brick Wall

It`s April and it feels like winter here in Estonia. Like for real, it snowing and it`s -2 degrees outside, crazy. Well, I guess I can wear my big scarves and coats more. And I don`t mind doing it, beacuse as I have said before fall and winter fashion is my favourite.

coat, scarf -  New Yorker / bag - Fiorelli  / skirt - Zara 

I also found a really nice web shop a few days ago, and they sell the best blazers, You can see it HERE! (women blazer, click)
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  1. Oh gurl you're not alone. It snowed here this morning. The weather is definitely on a roll this year. I doubt we will even have summer. Ha!! You look perfect for the weather for sure. Great ensemble! :-)

    1. That`s crazy, right?!
      Thank You dear, it`s so nice of you!

  2. Mother nature is definitely not done April-fooling us all! lol! Anyway, love your big scarves and coat combo!
    Jessica |

  3. Nice and warm outfit. I didn´t know it was that cold in Estonia at the moment.
    Loving your blog. Keep the good content up! :)

    David Hill Guildford

  4. Love your posts! Your scarf and boots are really stylish!


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