Brick Wall

It`s April and it feels like winter here in Estonia. Like for real, it snowing and it`s -2 degrees outside, crazy. Well, I guess I can wear my big scarves and coats more. And I don`t mind doing it, beacuse as I have said before fall and winter fashion is my favourite.

coat, scarf -  New Yorker / bag - Fiorelli  / skirt - Zara 

I also found a really nice web shop a few days ago, and they sell the best blazers, You can see it HERE! (women blazer, click)
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  1. Oh gurl you're not alone. It snowed here this morning. The weather is definitely on a roll this year. I doubt we will even have summer. Ha!! You look perfect for the weather for sure. Great ensemble! :-)

    1. That`s crazy, right?!
      Thank You dear, it`s so nice of you!

  2. Mother nature is definitely not done April-fooling us all! lol! Anyway, love your big scarves and coat combo!
    Jessica |

  3. Nice and warm outfit. I didn´t know it was that cold in Estonia at the moment.
    Loving your blog. Keep the good content up! :)

    David Hill Guildford

  4. Love your posts! Your scarf and boots are really stylish!

  5. Cool hair! and by the way nice scarf right there. Great post!

  6. Nice photo of you with that braid hair and the scarf in a winter motif.


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