Some time ago we took a little roadtrip to Narva. Narva is the third largest city in Estonia and it`s located at the Russian border. It`s crazy to think that just over the river is Russia. So close, but yet, so far, beacause it`s not easy to cross the border.
Anyways it was a nice day and there is a lot to do there, many shops, parks, nice river, castle etc. 

I am wearing: coat - Sin-say / scarf - New Yorker / boots - Catmandoo

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  1. Oh, it is unbelievable how near Russia there is!
    xx Rena

  2. Estonia looks BREATHTAKING! It must have been beautiful with all that snow. The lake adds a really nice touch to the picture!

  3. Lovely photos!..Guess it nice there when its winter.

  4. Nice photos of you too and the view of the lake.


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