Trust has always been an important part of my life. I don`t trust people easily and if I do, it`s everything for me. 
But what happens in life? People broke your trust and you just don`t know what to do anymore. When the trust is completely broken, what happens? How can you trust again?
For me trusting again after being hurt really badly was hard. I lived in thoughts that all the relationships will end up the same way as my first one. Although it made me so much stronger and I grew so much, trust was something I never found again easily.
 As a child, trusting someone was so easy, I saw the best in everyone. But yea, after my first serious relationship ended in such an awful way, combined with some other stuff, it all changed my mindset about relationships. Also, I have always had  a small inner circle who I trust, because they have shown how much they care and love me. 

But somehow, the time has shown that one individual who broke your heart  is no match for the thousands of loving, awesome people you will meet in your life. 
What have I learnt afret all of this? I understood that if your partner truly cares for you, they will want to know the fears and worries you have. They want to be able to support you in those times. It wasn`t easy for me to start trusting someone again, but if someone really cares for you, the trust also comes with it.
For me it was hope and honesty in which I learnt to trust again and I understood that we all have that strenght inside of us to get back up again and prove to ourselves, that heartbreak doesen`t have to be the end of trusting those you love. 

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