Say hello to my 3 cuties! Nikita, Mõmmi and Cookie.  At the end of January my lovely friend Andrea invited us to studio for a little photoshoot.
So I think it`s time to do a little chit chat about my pets.
Do you have pets? What kind of?

Nikita is a little Chow Chow boy, who has been with me for about 4,5 years. The cutest dog ever, but soooooo stubborn. He has a proud independent spirit and people say that Chow Chow`s are catlike, because of their character and yes, I totally agree with it.
What more, well, h e  likes to play in the snow but also going to the beach and swim. The quote that "Who ever said that diamond are girl`s best friend, never owned a dog" is so true. He really is my best friend and 25 kg`s of pure love it is!

Now, let`s talk about Cookie, or how I like to call him a little Cokkie Monsta. I bought him in January and he has been with me only for 2 months. I have always wanted a bunny and now I finally got him. Firstly they told me in the pet store that it is a girl, well what I discovered yesterday.Yes, just yesterday, It`s a boy. Holy macaroni, Nevermind, I´m lucky to have 3 boys then. 

And finally, the oldest boy. My Persian prince Mõmmi. He is a Persian cat and already 11 years old, holy cow, how fast time flies! It`s crazy. He is an elegant cat, who is indepndent and we like to call him the boss of our family, because he always has to be where the action takes place.
Also he likes to sleep a lot and eat cakes and othes swet stuff.

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