Best View

Damn, how much I miss Thailand, the weather, the grea lifestyle we had there, food, people, chill vibes etc. And, of course I can`t get off my head that amazing we had from our hotel room. If you don`t know, we stayed at Pattaya Park & Beach Resort and it was definitely one of the best hotels I have ever stayed at.
To see more from our trip, dont forget to watch the vlogs HERE (click) and HERE (click)!

top - Calvin Klein / shorts - New Yorker 

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  1. What a gorgeous view! I have Thailand on my bucket list, such a beautiful country.

    Jessica |

  2. These pictures are beautiful! The background of the sunset makes the photo! P.s. loving the hair, really suits you!

    Experience Invest

  3. I like these photos of yours..and the view. They say its really nice in Thailand.


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