Jelgava Vlog

Here it is, a Vlog of our lovely day in Jelgava, Latvia. In August we went on a roadtrip through Baltics, and our first stop was Jelgava. What a nice city! It was actually my first time travelling with my mom and stepfather, how crazy is this?! Also, you can see that we had our dog with us on the trip, which was super awesome.

Don`t forget to watch it in 1080p. If You like the Vlog and want to see more videos about travelling, then please subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE! (click)


  1. Such a great Vlog.

  2. Great video!

  3. Glad you had fun travelling with your mum and stepfather for the first time - and oh my gosh your dog is SO cute!

  4. Looks like a beautiful sunny day. Glad you enjoyed yourself.
    I LOVE your dog!


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