Old Town of Riga

Yes, I´m in Riga right now for some days. Just needed a lovely mini trip afrer my second semester at college and also before the craziest trip of my entire life. Hooly macarony, I can`t wait... But let`s get back to Riga. Today was an amazing day and we explored the city, did some shopping, ate good food etc. And one of my favourite part about Riga, the old town. I have visited it many times and it never starts to be boring. In my opinion, if you travel to Riga, it`s a must place you have to visit or else there is no point of travelling.  

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  1. I was never in Riga before
    but right now there is a new place on the top of my travel-bucket-list.

    with love your AMELY ROSE

  2. Id love to visit Riga, it looks very nice city. You look beautiful in this outfit Carina
    Have a lovely day sweetie


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