Bridges Over Daugava

When I first visited Lativa  eemh like 11 years ago, all I can remember about this trip  are those crazy bridges over Daugava river in Riga and the waterpark in Jurmala. So, whenever I go back to Riga, I always wanna cross over one of the bridges, because they looked so big and awesome when I was 10. And this has become like the must do thing for me whenever I am in Riga. 
Do You also  have any weird tradition with some place? Let me know in the comments! :)

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  1. It looks beautiful there! 💙💙💙
    Have a lovely day sweetie

  2. like the outfit

    a place in my to go list

    thank you for your visit, im following your blog on your followers bar :)

    follow me back as well please


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