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Instagram Update

I`m so sorry that I haven`t been blogging for so long. So much has happened this month - college, homework, work, my dog had a surgery etc. However, If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably know what I have been doing. If not, then you can follow me HERE!
Before Entrepreneurship Day Conference / miss travelling so much / the moment when I went to college by J`s car / sushi night with my love / waking up in his place / discovering Linnahall / stepdad`s birthday / throwback to sping / playing a tourist in Tartu


As the weather gets colder, my wardrobe gets darker. I love all black outfits, especially in the Fall, when everything is dark and I can match in with the weather. Even though it is the darkest time of the year, you can still find some colours in the city, for example the colourful leaves, buildings or walls.  What are your favourite colours of the clothes for the fall. 
jacket - New Yorker / top - Vero Moda / boots - Claudia Ghizzani

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