Crete Vlog part 3

The last vlog of our Crete trip. Damn, how I miss this place, can I just move there and forget all the drama that is here? Hah. Anyways, in this vlog you can see how we took a trip to Seitan Limania with a scooter. This place was so beautiful, so if you ever happen to be in Crete, I totally recommend you to rent a scooter or a car and go there. It was magical. The water was so clear nd blue and I did my first cliff jumping there. Yayy. Also, you can see how we just chilled by the pool and the beautiful beach of Georgioupolis. Oh, and lets not forget our 3 friends (dogs, that we fed), they were so cute and friendly. Damn, how much I want to go back there...

Dont forget to watch it in 720p
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