Yes, I`m a tomboy. Not that I don`t like to get dressed up and be super girly sometimes, yes I do that too. But most of the times you see me in my jeans, hoodies and sneakers etc. 
Well, these photos are actually taken over a week ago, before our Crete trip. We went to see J`s grandmother in Mustvee. It was so nice to get away somewhere quiet, also it was my dog`s first time away from home for the night. Fortunately, he was a good boy and now I`m sure, I can do long roadtrips with him. ;)

plaid shirt - Jack & Jones / jeans - New Yorker / shoes - Converse

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  1. You look lovely, being a tomboy can be fun. Your puppy is adorable!


  2. Most of the times I prefer wearing more comfortable clothes like you! It's very hard hard to keep up looking at your best especially that now life can be so busy haha! Love the blog :)

    1. Oh yea, comfy clothes are the best in bust days! ;)
      Thanks for the comment, I`m glad you like the blog!

  3. Oh my gosh, your dog is SO CUTE! Love this casual look too. Nice photos. :)


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