8 Reasons Why I Love Helsinki

1. Dogs are allowed almost everywhere! Oh, how I wish I could take my dog with me to the shops and cafes here in Estonia, but unfortunaely I can`t. However, in Helsinki you can see dogs everywhere and it`s so great to see how much  Finns do love animals.

2. The people! Finns are so chill and don`t give you that "weird" look if you look/have different style then the others. Also, most of the local speak fluent English, so it`s very easy to communicate with the people in Helsinki.

3.Shops! There are so many shops for everyone in Helsinki. You can find great high fashion stores, big malls or vintage/second-hand shops in this city. So everyone can find something nice for themselves. 

4. Architecture! The architechure of the city is so lovely and, you can see buildings with a great history of past centuries, but so many of them have some modern touch. I love that Scandinavic vibe, where old meets new. 

5. Parks, Nature! Besides the busy city life, you can find many-many parks in city centre where you can just chill, have a picnic, have fun with friends etc. Also, there are lots of forests nearby Helsinki, which is a great place to escape if you want to have a time of  your own. 

6. Cafes! Helsinki has so many nice cafes, and I`m sure everyone can find their favorite.

7. Little islands near the city! If you take a ferry to Helsinki, you can see so many little beautiful islands nearby the harbour. It would be so nice to own a little "mökki"-summer cottage of our own in there.

8. Sea! If you know me a little better, then you should know how much I love the sea and it`s denfinitely a place to relax for me. 

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  1. Those photos are amazing!
    Great city,

  2. As I said before, wishing to visit this city!
    In Portugal is also not allowed dogs come in all places.... We see the difference in developed countries!
    Coco and Jeans by Marisa

  3. It's great. Wishing to visit this city someday!
    Good vibes, FOX
    check out my latest VLOG and my blog


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