Rose of Bulgaria

 This rose lip balm is really one of the best I have ever  used. It`s a great moisturizer and makes the lips really soft and feels so good. Mmm, and the nice smell of rose - it is so good and refreshing. If only I could go back to Bulgaria and buy myself like a hundred of these, hahah. So if you ever go to Bulgaria, don`t forget to buy yourself some rose products. Not only lip balms, but everything, from perfumes to night/day creams. For example, I bought my mom some random  stuff  from there and she absolutely loves them.
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  1. I use this lip balm too and love it! My dad brought it to me from Bulgaria and I absolutely love it ♥
    Also in lavender and olive :)
    I've also had the shampoo and the hand creme before which were great too!
    Need to get some more soon ;)
    The Lady Fairer

    1. Mm I imagine how great the lavender and olive ones could be!
      I wish I can get myself more of them as well! :)

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  3. Nice.

  4. Interesting product. I'm your GFC follower # 52 if you want to come on my blog ^ - ^

  5. Rose products are always my weakness. I must check these out if I ever visit! xx,


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