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 I can`t believe that summer is already over and just in few day I`m going to college. Good thing is that many of my friends are coming to the same college, so that should be fun. Eeemh, but now I have to go to work and tomorrow it  is Jans birthday! 
 I also want to share with you some pictures, which are taken a couple of days ago. I just love day offs and spend time with my guys! :)

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Jägala Waterfall + VLOG

Do not ask me what happened to my fashion and beauty blog! I know that my latest posts are more about lifestyle and travelling, but I hope you guys don`t mind. I promise that soon there will be more outfit  and beauty posts.  But few weeks ago we decided to take a little roatrip to Jägala waterfall. It was my second time there and I can not believe how wonderful this place is. The view and the nature is amazing there. It definitely was a day well spent. 

Don`t forget to watch a vlog !!! For better quality watch it in 1080p !

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Võsu & Altja

Last week we had a nice day exporing around some beaches nearby my hometown. Sometimes it`s just so good to have time for myself and enjoy the nature. Here are some snapshots from that day, enjoy them and have a great week!!! 

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Memories from Bulgaria Part 2

So finally, here it is - the last post of our vacation to  Bulgaria!
 The coast of Black Sea :)
The food in our hotel  was so delicious

Rollercoasters on the coast of Sunny Beach
A fun day at Action Aquapark
The pool area was amazing

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Instagram Update

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Family lunch at BabyBack Ribs & BBQ / Beachday with my family and bf / Getting ready for my stepsisters wedding / My sleepybaby, he`s crepy I know xd

Fresh berries from our garden (except the bananas ofc, haha) / Nice walk in my hometown / Went to see the Jägala waterfall with my boys / Beachday with my mom

Beachday everyday, this time with my guys and mom / A fun night at the beach with my friends / Look at this handsome beachboy / I lovelovelove this little cutiepie, always happy to babysit her
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VLOG - Sunny Beach Bulgaria Part 3

And finally here it is, the final part of our trip! Hope you`ll like it!
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60 km

We did it again! I remember how we used to cycle to the beach and back 60 km almost every day when we were 16/17, but after we got our driving license it all changed, because it`s easier to drive everywhere, isn`t it`?. But we are back on track, I love bicycling and Estonian nature! Definitely gonna do something like this again this summer!

This ice cream tased sooooo good after this bike trip! :)

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Memories from Bulgaria Part 1

Just arrived to Sunny Beach! Totally in love with this place!
Lovely small town Nessebar
A walk to the beach!
A view from our balconi
Rainy afternoon, perfect time for exporing!

Beautiful Black Sea!
Old town of Nessebar!
Sooo in love with those little streets of Nessears old town
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