Banana Pancakes for Breakfast, Yes Please!

 Mmmm, banana pancakes are definitely a  perfect breakfast for me. Firstly, they taste  soo damn good and  what is more, these pancakes are  incredibly simple and healthy (gluten and dairy free) . 
 For this yummi breakfast you only need 2 ingredients - banana and 2 eggs. All you have to do is whisk these two together and then fry them like normal pancakes. 
 I served my breakfast with  one tsp of honey and some slices of bananas. Nomnom, oh god, this post made me so hungry that I think it`s a perfect time to make myself some banana pancakes. Hahah.
What is your favorite breakfast? Do you have any tips for me how to make banana pancakes even more delicious? :)


  1. This is nice to know, cause I need to change my nourishing routine - I used to be a junk food lover for ages... now I need to change and having a nutritious breakfast like banana pancake seems so good!

  2. I love pancakes for breakfast too,this looks lovely.

  3. Yes! I tried this too and so yummy and healthy!

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  4. I love bananas! I always eat omlette on breakfast ;)


    1. Oh yea, bananas are yummi and I love omlettes for breakfast as well!

  5. i tried this recipe but i felt like it taste too much like eggs. Now i add haferflocken and i use only the white eggs it tastes amazing


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