Say hello to my newest DIY project - wool slippers. I know  it`s already summer and I just finished these slippers which I have done  for a couple months  now . I guess they can wait for fall now. Yes, I did them all by myself, and I don`t even know why I started with them, but here they are. :) What you think of them? Do you like DIY projects?

 //Ma tean, et sussid ja suvi ei sobi kohe üldse kokku, aga mõni kuu tagasi ma nende tegemist alustasin ja valmis said nad siis just suveks. Mis siis ikka, las ootavad sügist/talve. Jah, ma tegin nad otsast lõpuni ise, ma isegi ei tea miks ma neid tegema hakkasin, aga siin nad nüüd on. :) Mida arvate teie igasugustest DIY projektidest? :) //