Stressed & Depressed

 Although  I had autumn holiday past week  I only had one day off. But I  don`t want to write about how busy, rough and sad this week has been. I created this blog for happy and beautiful things. :) I want you to be inspired and motivated. So I tell myself and all of you that no matter how hard the times are, in the end it all will be fine, because in 5 years of time none of this shit that we worry about today will matter. 

Olgugi, et mul oli just vaheaeg oli mul sel ajal vaid 1 vaba päev ning ma tunnen, et ma lihtsalt ei jaksa ena. Sellegi poolest ei hakka ma siia kirjutama sellest kui kiire, raske ning kurb see nädal oli. Ma tegin selle blogi ilusate ja lõbusate asjade jaoks. Niisiis ma ütlengi endale ja teile, et olgu ajad mis tahes kui rasked, lõpuks peab ikka kõik hästi minema. :))

boots - Seppälä / jeans - H&M