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Life update. Where am I ? What I`m doing?

Hello everyone! If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably know that I am in Australia right know and I`m planning to stay here for a long time. I`m here on Working and Holiday Visa and just trying to get new experience and travel through this amazing country down under. Why I decided to come here? Well...It was a spontanious decision for sure. We applyed to get our visas on January and boom, on April we were already here. We didn`t had a major plan before we came and just spontaniously trying to figure things out here. We are open for everything and ready for this crazy adventure.  I mean, Australia has been one of those countires that I have always been vanting to visit and living here and getting a Working and Holiday Visa after my grasuation souded like a perfect time to do it. 

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I have been here for a 1,5 months now and life is great here. There are a lot of pros and cons living here with Working and Holiday visa, but yea whenever I get to a…

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