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I love waterfalls, the forest, the sea and other natural resources. I think they add so much health to our body. Waterfalls are definitely one of my favourites,  because whenever I see one, I will be able to get to a pleasent mindset. The sound coming out of it is so relaxing, and the free fall of water from a high to low levels give a sense of freedom and letting go.  I think You also should not miss out going to waterfalls whenever you have a chance. I`m sure it will give you a wonderful feeling!

My favourite waterfall in Estonia is Jägala Waterfall. It`s a waterfall in Northen Estonia, only 30 km-s from Tallinn. It`s the highest natural waterfall in Estonia with heigh about 8 meters. Yes, only 8 meters. Nothing special compared to the  world`s largest waterfalls. But still, I think it`s a nice place to get a pleasent mindset and enjoy yourself.

You can easily see the waterfall from the top and bottom, which makes the place really picturesque. I think this little waerfall is one of…

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