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My bunny Cookie is 1-year-old  now and that`s why I decided to dedicte this post to him. It`s crazy how fast time flies, already 1-year-old. I still remember like it was yesterday when I got him and he was so little,  only 2-months-old bunny girl as they told me in the pet store, who turned out to be a boy instead :)
Anyway, Happy B-Day to bunny Cookie and here are 6 reasons why cookie is awesome, also why to love rabbits and why they make awesome pets. 

1. They are cute and so cuddly. Just look at this cute face, those ears and this nose. How can anyone be this cute? And they are perfect for cuddling, because they are so fluffy and soft. 
2. They are social and playful. My baby boy hates being in his cage and he is actually only there when I`m not at home or he has been a bad boy. He loves being around people, for excample sitting on the couch and being petted.  Also he likes hanging out and play with my  other animals, cat and dog. I`m so glad and thankful that they get along so we…

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