Thursday, August 7, 2014


 Yesterday I got my 11th ear piercing. I have always wanted a tragus but I have  also been  too scared to do it. I don`t even  know why , because I have done almost every piercings that I have by myself. So yesterday I let my boyfriend to do it and yeaa, he did a very good job.. :D.

 Eile sain siis oma 11. kõrvaaugu tehtud. Olen alati omale tahtnud lisaks tavalistele kõrvaaukudele ka nö "tragust", aga olen alati kartnud seda endale teha. Ma ei tea isegi miks, sest olen pea kõik needid omale ise teinud. Eile sai mu augustamisega hakkama Jan ja võib öelda, et ta sai väga hästi hakkama.. :D:

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